Bikini Challenge / Operación Bikini

Bikini Challenge / Operación Bikini

El otro día escuché una conversación entre un hombre y una mujer. Ella comentó que, ahora que llegaba el buen tiempo, iba a empezar a salir a correr. Él contestó: “Sí, ya toca la operación bikini”.

The other day I heard a conversation between a man and a woman. She commented that, now that we were getting good weather, she was gonna start going out to run. He answered: “Yep, it’s bikini challenge time”.


[Steps to have a beach body:
1. Having a body
2. Going to the beach]

My body, my opinion / Mi cuerpo, mi opinión

My body, my opinion / Mi cuerpo, mi opinión

Many people think they have the right to talk about other people’s bodies as if their opinion actually matters. Well, not their body, not their right to say “too skinny”, “too fat”, “no curves”, “plain/fat bum”…

Mucha gente cree que tienen el derecho a hablar de los cuerpos de otra gente como su opinión realmente importase. Bueno, no es su cuerpo, no es su derecho a decir “demasiado flaca”, “demasiado gorda”, “sin curvas”, “culo carpeta/gordo”…


This that you see over here is a person that has not asked for your opinion about THEIR body.