¿Cómo actuar ante un caso de abuso infantil? / How to deal with a case of child abuse?

¿Cómo actuar ante un caso de abuso infantil? Es una pregunta dura, pero necesaria por desgracia; porque saber cómo actuar ante un/a menor que ha sufrido abusos, supone que esa personita sufra menos.

How to deal with a case of child abuse? It is a hard, but necessary question unfortunately; because knowing how to deal with a child who has been abused, means that little person suffers less.

Las indicaciones que aquí os dejo son muy sencillas y pueden valer para otras situaciones en la que los niños lo estén pasando mal. Tenéis más información en http://www.violacion.org

The indications I leave here are very simple and can be useful for other situations in which children are having a bad time. You have more information in Spanish here: http://www.violacion.org

[Texto/Text: www.violacion.org]


1. Believe the child. Thanks for trusting me and telling me, now I can help you to fix it.


2. Making him/her feel proud of telling it. You have been very brave by telling it to me and I am very proud of you.


3. Telling him/her that it’s not their fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. It is not your fault.


4. Assure that nothing bad will happen to him/her. Now that you have told me, you can be assured that this will not happen again.



5. Tell him/her that they will move forward. Even if now you are a bit sad, all of us are going to help you to feel better.


6. Express affection with answers like: I love you and I will always be there whenever you need me.


7. Keep calm.  Do not talk to the child with too much emotion, transmitting our anxiety and concern.



8. Make sure that he/she has not suffered wounds. And if they have, go to the doctor.


9. Protect the victim. Prevent the abuser from regaining access to the child. The best method is a FORMAL COMPLAINT.




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